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WA buyers, we are able to ship legally to WA and are very happy to open up our business to the betta loving residents of the state. It does involve greater costs; a large portion of which we are absorbing, see below.
NT buyers require a permit which needs to be arranged prior to purchase. Shipping Toll is only possible within the Darwin area and incurs a $25 surcharge for the distance.
TAS buyers require a fish dealers permit / or a Tasmanian transhipper who is willing to to assist you. You will need to have organised this prior to purchase.

FOR ANY WESTERN AUSTRALIAN BIDDERS – WA Shipping Fees PLEASE READ I have been certified under the Pre-Approved Supplier Scheme by Western Australia Dept. of Agriculture and Food and that means fish can be cleared through quarantine WA for a reduced rate per shipment ($47).

I am prepared to ship to WA but the cost of the pre-release will be charged proportionately between buyers.
This means:
1 x purchaser will pay $20 shipping for the small box (holds 2) or $25 for the large (up to 8) + $47 quarantine pre-release fee.
2 x purchasers will pay their own shipping cost + $23.50 each for 50% of the quarantine pre-release fee.
3 x Purchasers will pay their own shipping cost + $15.67 each for 33.3% of the quarantine pre-release fee.
Pre-release will reduce the more WA purchasers there are to split.

ALTERNATIVELY: If two or more bidders wish to share one shipping box and arrange to collect and open the box at the airport depot, the costs would be:
Small box ( 2 betta) $20 + $47 between 2 people.
Large Box (around 8 betta) $25 + $47 divided between buyers. So 4 buyers of 8 betta sharing a box, would be $18 each for shipping inclusive of the quarantine fee.

I will continue to absorb the annual license fee of over $380 in order for a seller to be part of the Pre-Approved Supplier Scheme and any $75 random inspection fees that WA QT choose to undertake as spot checks.
No part of these fees is apportioned to purchasers.
If WA quarantine bill you after you receive the fish do not pay the bill, but contact me and send me the details.
I have an arrangement to pay, but sometimes they mess up and send the customer the bill. You do not pay. I will sort it out.I appreciate your understanding. I took up this option based on the requests received from people in WA to ship there. I am not prepared to breach Australian quarantine laws by posting via Australia Post.