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Transhipping Services

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID19 and the lack of passenger flights, private fish shipments from Thailand continue to be more expensive and difficult to arrange and are therefore less frequent.  Please do not buy fish in Thailand for private import until a shipment is planned. There is another transhipper who is doing Thailand, your seller will know.  INDONESIA shipments are now regular and although no fixed schedule it is approximately every 6 weeks. ASK ME BEFORE PAYING FOR FISH.  UPCOMING SHIPMENTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED HERE.

The INDONESIAN shipment for 6th April is now closed.

PLEASE READ and be sure you understand each step in the process prior to seeking transhipping services.
You should contact me before you purchase and pay for any fish.  Sources of fish are Aquabid / Breeder’s Facebook Pages / or Private sellers, we do not source fish for you.
We can arrange for the importation of Betta from Thailand and Indonesia only. Please ask me before you purchase which shipment I am doing the rules have changed!!!

  1. You contact me to advise you are hoping to purchase and ship your betta via our service, to make sure there is a shipment coming up. Email
  2. For Indonesia when you find a seller advise him must speak with Mr Joty my Jakarta-based transhipper (details below).  Please do not pay the seller for your fish until you have confirmation from them that they have spoken with Mr Joty to tell him they will have fish for the shipment.
  3. Once they have shown you the proof of the conversation you may now pay the seller for the fish. This will be the price of the fish plus local shipping and handling fees within Indonesia (not for shipping to Australia).
  4. You fill out my order form and submit it on this site to arrange the shipping to Australia and quarantine with me. I will invoice you for the transhipping.
  5. Complete the importation services form in all areas indicated: Your address (not a PO box), phone number, and the details of the fish you have purchased. Contact me at if you cannot complete the online form to arrange an alternative
  6. Return the completed form as soon as possible prior to our export date.  Once you have paid for your fish and my transhipping fee I will advise the exporter that your fish can join the shipment.
  7. For Thai private imports ask your seller to contact Ponpat Jarunpat in Bangkok. Please do not contact him directly he works with the Thai sellers only.
  8. Joty Atmadjaja in Jakarta is the facilitator for Indonesian shipments.  Please do not contact him directly he works with the Indonesian sellers only.
    Your seller should provide you the buyer proof that he/she has contacted Mr Joty. This will ensure your fish are delivered on time and registered for the shipment. He will provided the seller with my specific packing requirements for fish to be shipped.   Do not pay the seller for your fish until you have some evidence from them that they have communicated with Mr. Joty.  Please do not buy fish when no shipment is planned.
  9. All payments for importation/quarantine and transhipping are made to me including fees for the local Toll Priority courier service if you are not collecting from the quarantine. Cost of the fish and local shipping and handling fees within Indonesia are paid to your seller.  This is a 2-part process.
  10. Your betta will be quarantined for 7 days in Sydney NSW.
  11. Once quarantine has been completed and all payments have been made your fish can either be collected or will be couriered to you.

Terms and Conditions:

If you have commissioned me to import fish on your behalf you are agreeing to the following:

All fish coming into Australia must be through an authorised importer with quarantine facilities such as the one I work closely with. Please do not attempt to post fish to yourself from overseas sources. If you do this you risk prosecution, a hefty fine, and your fish will be seized and destroyed.

Importation and Quarantine Charges:

Betta shipping from Thailand $23.00 each Indonesia $25 each
For the following types:
Male and female Halfmoon
Male and female Doubletail
Male and female Crowntails
Male and female Plakads
For Giant Betta and Large wild species
Thailand $35 each and Indonesia $37 each
At this time we do not tranship Guppy or Goldfish.
This covers all certificates, transport, documentation, fees, quarantine, food, treatment, and labour costs from the country of export to Sydney, All import fees and courier fees (if you cannot collect from the quarantine) must be paid at least 5 days before the shipment is due for export from Thailand.

You should complete your order form online here at
I will contact you and invoice you once the order is received and I have checked it is all ok.

If you do not make the payment or do not provide me with the information on time your fish will not be added for the health inspections prior to export. This means your fish will not be shipped.
Shipments are on average every 6 weeks. The shipment date will be advised as soon as it is known in my Facebook group and on this page.

As your fish will be travelling for a number of days please advise your seller to purge the fish by not feeding for two days prior to shipping and package the fish in clean water possibly with something to reduce stress. Following the required 7 days in quarantine, your fish can be collected or will be delivered to you through overnight Couriers.

Your fish will be shipped to you immediately upon exit from quarantine they do not come to me unless there is a health issue that requires treatment before sending on to you.
In this case, I will keep you informed.

Please be aware of the risks of importing tropical fish. Fish do die in transit for many reasons, temperature fluctuation, weakness, failure to prepare the fish correctly, the fish already had a problem, or simply stress.

When you use my service to import for you, you acknowledge that you understand and accept these risks.
I can not be held responsible for any fish that are inspected and found to be ill by Government Officials or AQIS, arrive damaged, or that are unwell following their arrival.

During and following quarantine your fish will be provided with IAL and freshwater, fed according to needs and species, receive a health check, and will be treated if necessary until forward-shipped to you.

If your fish arrives into the quarantine sick, it will be treated to the best of our ability, and we will keep you informed.
The fish will be shipped once it is strong enough.

If the fish dies in quarantine, we will refund your local on-shipping courier costs unless you have other fish to be shipped.
We cannot be held responsible for any death in quarantine or during on-shipping to your address.

Please note Dead on Arrival (DOA)  and sometimes death in quarantine, should be covered by the seller.
Betta Fish classed as DOA incur a $12.50 import fee-only for regular size and $15 for large and giant fish. Once fish are unpacked alive into quarantine the full fee stands.
A photograph will be provided for you to send to the seller for DOA fish.

Replacement fish incur the standard import fee.

If upon receipt of your fish you believe there is an issue such as the wrong fish has been sent or the fish is defective in some way I will do my best to determine if this is, in fact, correct or whether the fish has made a natural change such as colour.

These possibilities are a risk you accept when you buy fish from overseas.

Please note: Marble and Fancy bettas can change colour from when they are purchased until when you receive them.

Other colours can also change. Keep a photograph of the fish when you make the purchase in order to check rays or body shape etc. as a better indicator.
Payment to me is via Bank transfer or Paypal. Details will be on your invoice.

Local Transportation fees

The fee will be notified to you based on your location after arrival – normally betta would be $20-25, for WA and NT extra charges apply.
Please be advised that local shipping to your residence needs to be available prior to the purchase of your fish so please check with me first.
For larger boxes airport to airport is available.

Shipping to NT is the Darwin area only sorry. Fish will be shipped in clean treated water, Styrofoam boxes, and with heat packs, as required. There is no DOA policy between myself and your residence following quarantine for privately imported fish.

To make an enquiry

Contact me on for a copy of these Terms and conditions and an Order Form if you cannot complete the  Online Order Form.