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Terms & Conditions


All shop sales (including auction sales) are final. Under these terms when committing to buy you are entering a legal contract to purchase the item.

A change of heart or your child making purchases or bids is not a reasonable excuse for failure to fulfill the purchase. Fishwitch does not refund if you change your mind so please choose carefully and secure your passwords and access to your computers/phones.

Payment should be made to Fishwitch (Linda Steven) within 48 hours of the invoice being issued. PLEASE CHECK OUT IF YOU ARE REGISTERED YOU WILL SEE YOUR OAST ORDERS IN YOUR ‘MY ACCOUNT’ AREA. If you do not wish to pay immediately or need me to add additional items to your invoice select Bank Transfer even if you intend to pay via Paypal.

You may pay either by:
PayPal: From this site or to
Or by Direct Deposit. Details will be provided after purchase when checking out.


Shipping for fish is to NSW, ACT, SA, QLD, VIC only for the standard fees. WA, NT & TAS require additional permits and extra fees apply please inquire before purchase.  Shipping will be provided by the most expedited means to your address but normally via my Live Fish accounts with Startrack & Toll Priority.  40-hour heat packs are used in winter.

Standard shipping costs vary around $20-$50 AUD depending on the size and type of order – with a maximum* 2 betta fish in the $20 small box and between 3-7 betta maximum* in the medium betta box $25.  **See note regarding goldfish. These options are available on checkout.

Some remote country areas incur an additional shipping charge. Please check your postcode on this Regional Surcharge list from Toll to see if a surcharge applies. It is sometimes cost-effective to have delivery to work or a friend where the cost may prove less. This can be just a matter of a few kilometers difference.  This new surcharge list is another to check. If you find your postcode area on these lists please contact me before purchase so I can check exactly what your freight would be.

Darwin Area is the only part of NT that we cover and attracts a regional shipping surcharge from couriers.


For Indian Almond Leaves when available, choose $10 up to 500g on checkout.
Small non-fish items may be able to fit in the same parcel with your fish if you are purchasing both.
NB Indian Almond Leaves cannot fit into a small box when two fish have been purchased an upgrade in the box size is required.
If shipping non-fish items separately they will incur a $10 fee (up to 500g) $12 up to 1kg or $15 up to 3kg.

Further Information

If your betta is DOA and has arrived within a maximum of 2 days from shipping time please provide a photograph while still in the unopened bag.  A full refund (excluding shipping) or a replacement if preferred, will then be considered.

Scratch & Dent or S&D means there is some damage to the betta (usually a fin tear) but the fish is healthy in spite of it. The start price will have been reduced accordingly.

Pet Grade means there is some reason the fish should not be bred from, such as odd shape of nose, too steep a slope from nose to back etc. The fish is perfectly healthy but would only pass on undesirable traits that could be worse in the next generation.

If your fish arrives and you believe it is unwell, please notify me immediately and I will try to assist you to help your betta recover.
It is rare, but occasionally long finned betta will chew their fins while in transport, Although regrettable this is non-refundable. I use IAL in all bags as an aid to prevent this. If the betta does chew while being transported use a small amount of aquarium salt & IAL with 100% water changes to encourage re-growth.

Holding over of fish incurs a charge of $10 per fish. If you need the fish held you must request this prior to purchase. All held fish impact on the numbers that can be packed for the following week. I have a limit of what I can reasonably pack as all packing must be done by lunchtime Mon-Wed. The knock-on effect means I have to list fewer fish in the next event. Payment is still due for held fish within the normal 48 hours.

Please contact me at or if you have any other questions.
* Maximum number depends on the type of fish and season, 7 x long fins + a heat pack in winter is not advised, 6 is more appropriate. Likewise 2 x giant fish are unlikely to fit into the small box comfortably and with the best conditions for survival alongside a heat pack.
**Goldfish cannot ship with bettas. Larger goldfish may need to be 1-2 x per box shipping in the Large  ($35) boxes according to their needs.  Do check if your area is on the ‘Remote Surcharge List’.

Private Transhipping
Fish you have purchased overseas privately that are shipped by me are not covered by these DOA policies. see the Transhipping Services page for this information.