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Auction Guide

Auction Guide

From November 2020 Auctions will run occasionally here on the website but a greater focus will be on the direct sales.  When they are happening they will be announced.

In order to view and bid on auctions on this website you first need to get yourself an approved registration.  You do this by completing the registration form which includes sending your address and a contact number. If you do not complete this part of the form your application will be deleted.

You may join MeWe (a Facebook alternative) to access the Fishwitch Group Fishwitch Events Support which has a different independent registration process and can be done using your existing Facebook login.

Before purchasing or bidding you should read the Terms & Conditions as any other information that applies to you possibly depends upon your location.  This is found under the ‘Betta Auction & Shop’ tab.  Failure to have read the T&C is not an excuse for defaulting on your purchase.

If you are a registered and logged in user when accessing the  Shop page, you will see three or four linked images for the Auction Events (if one is being held), Betta Shop, etc. depending on what is available for sale. If you are not registered or not logged in, you will not see the Auction Link image but you will see the other shop areas.
When you click on the one labeled ‘Auction Events’ you will be accessing the event. You will see images for each auction lot. Once the auction has gone live you can click each one to view the full details and to bid.

Auto Bidding

The Fishwitch auctions allow you to put in your maximum bid amount (hidden from the other bidders). Your bid pot of money will default to the minimum required to keep you ahead of other bidders by the $2 minimum increments until your maximum is reached.  To make a Max Bid you simply type in the amount you want.  For example, if you are the first bidder on a fish with a start price of $38 and you wish to go to $50 Max, just type in $50.  You will be shown as being the current winning bidder at $38.

There is a minimum increment of $2 for each bid over the current amount for a higher bid to be accepted.

Buy it Now (BIN) Button in Auctions

When these are available once a bid has taken place the BIN button will disappear. If you do a BIN you must check it out (choose Bank transfer to allow me to add to your order if you are still bidding).

Watch an Auction Listing

You can watch an auction you are interested in to make it easier to bid at the end.  You will find your watched items on the right-hand menu or in your ‘My Account’ Auctions area.


Bidding is fairly straightforward you enter the amount in the box and hit the bid button.

At the bottom of the listing, you will see the bidder list.

How to Combine Your Wins

Once the event closes the auctions lock and the winners will receive a notice for each auction they have won.  In the notice, you will see a ‘Pay Now’ button.  You should hit the pay now button for each of your wins and they will be added to your cart. You can also do this on the website either in the individual auction listings or under your ‘My Account’ area on the menu.

Your personal shopping cart can be seen on the menu on a PC or at the foot of the page on mobile.

Once you have all your wins in the cart you can now checkout.

Checkout Process

During checkout, if your address details are in the system it will auto-fill for you. If not you will need to complete these.

You will see you have shipping options and a choice of payment method.
Select the appropriate shipping for your purchases and then choose the payment method.
For Paypal you will be asked to pay immediately. Bank Transfer you will pay later.
Don’t panic, any issues I will sort it out when the order is placed.
Any errors can be modified and a new invoice sent.

MeWe Group Clearance Sales have now ended

Bids on the MeWe group were placed as comments under each listing in the same style as the old Facebook auctions used to be.  At the end of the event, I went through and notified the winners. I then created an invoice for them (purchases can be combined between the website and the MeWe Group).  The same T&C and conditions apply.

Any questions just message me and I will assist you.